Igniting Change Makers of Oakland to open a potent field of possibility.

We invite you to boldly ground your dreams in 2015. Find your Balance for the New Year.
Bless & Release 2014 in a powerful way.
Awaken the Spirits of the Ancestors.
Come for a day of health, reflection and rejuvenation.
Experience Kemetic yoga, soulful music, guided meditation, and healthy food within a powerful community setting.
Shift consciously between the tides of old and new.
Ground your dreams.

 “Saturday was tremendous- especially in hindsight and reflection.” – Danny C.

Starting my year off with Rebirth & Renewal in 2014 proved to be the catalyst for a year of just that, continuous Rebirth & Renewal! Reflecting with the Mind, Engaging my Body and Awakening my soul, the day retreat was a wise investment into my personal growth, saying YES to all that life had in store for me in 2014.”

– J.Greathouse

Rafael Jesu?s Gonza?lez by Peter St.John 500Invocation with Rafael Jesus Gonzales
A professor of literature and creative writing, Rafael Jesus Gonzales is an award winning author and poet. His poetry and academic articles appear in reviews and anthologies in the U. S., Mexico, and abroad. In 2012 he received the Dragonfly Press Award for Outstanding Literary Achievement and in 2013 the César E. Chávez Lifetime Award.

HectorCircle of Life Facilitation with Hector Gomez 
Originally from Argentina, Hector has been living in California since 1978. He has had the privilege to be introduced to the Native American ways, from which he learned about the Circle of Life.  He is now a facilitator, creating a container to recapture in the hearts of people, an appreciation for life.

headshot_webGuided Reflections with Amelía Aeon Karris
In her Mystery School for Modern Day Living, knowtheself.com, Amelía guides emerging leaders to unlock their innate wisdom and create sustainable balance inside and out. Amelía has helped thousands of people de-program their mind, establish new lifestyles, navigate expanding realities and transform all their relationships.

kimani8Kemetic Yoga with Kimani McDonald
Kimani’s yoga classes are grounded in the culture and consciousness of the extraordinary land of the pyramid builders. Trained in both Vinyasa Flow and Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) Yoga, Kimani is sure to take you on a memorable journey of a lifetime on the mat, cultivating the spirit of Egyptian goddess Ma’at within each of her students: Truth, Purpose and Balance.

548269_10151017849378287_542277478_nMusic with Nasambu Barasa
Nasambu is singer-songwriter, producer, and founder of the Galactic Afro Soul band, The Mystic Nomads. She explores the realms of transformation and harmony through her music, chants, and poetry.  Nasambu is well-versed in vibrational therapies and natural healing, and sees her music as a conduit for regeneration and restoration.


Juices & Smoothies by SOS Juice
SOS Juice (System out of our System) is a non-profit/for profit promoting food justice, health equity, and spiritual liberation.



me flying kiteEmbodied Alchemy with Mordecai Cohen Ettinger
Gentle outlaw and gender transcender Mordecai Cohen Ettinger, MA, has over 20 years experience as a healer, educator, ritualist and social justice change maker. He serves as adjunct faculty at the California Institute of Integral Studies. His academic research focuses on the neurobiology of the social nervous system, collective trauma and healing.
golden love

 Event Promoter, Ambessa Cantave
As a Green For All Fellow and a lead emcee for the band Earth Amplified Ambessa has over 10 years experience in environmental justice, art, activism and the public sector. Ambessa is a father, a musician, a psychic, a metaphysical healer, an educator, a youth mentor and dedicated to transformational change on the planet.

thumbnailFearless TaiChi with Zochi
Alonzo “Zochi” Young is the founder of njia movement “the way of movement“. He has 40 years of experience teaching youth and adults mindfulness practices through meditation and movement. As an activist he is committed to transformative social/inner change providing communities and organizations tools and practices to sustain an embodied movement.

JudyJudy Fleischman, A mindful eating reflection
Judy celebrates the Way of Live Change through mindful eating with “live” plant-sourced food. She is founder of Live Change Coaching and Loving Live Treats as well as Open Source Chaplaincy Care and Sensing Wonder. She encourages each of us as seeds sprouting in the garden of Caring Community. When caring flows, wonder grows…

LLTreats_Logo_v02.jpgLoving Live Treats is a cottage food operation that prepares handmade treats with “live” energy from sprouted seeds and superfoods. It celebrates a vision of the garden of Caring Community.

impact_hub_oakland_logoSponsored by Impact Hub Oakland
Impact Hub Oakland is equal parts inspiring co-working space, entrepreneurial incubator and community of socially engaged people. Located in the heart of one of the coolest cities in the United States (move over…Brooklyn), we cultivate, support and connect purpose-driven people as they pioneer solutions for a sustainable and equitable world.