Doors Open to the public at 10:45am

The Event Starts at 11am, please be on time.
This is a full day of reflection, prayers, movement, healing and renewal.

11:00 am Fearless Tai chi Movement with Alonzo “Zochi” Young.

11:30 Invocation, Song & Prayers to honour our community and everyone present with Rafael Jesus Gonzales, Hector Gomez, Amelía Aeon Karris, Mordecai Ettinger, and others from our community.

12:00 Guided Reflection of 2014 using the Dream Journal (given to you upon entering) with Amelía Aeon Karris accompanied with Music by Nasambu

1:00 Kemetic Yoga with Kimani McDonald

2:00 Lunch Break. Smoothies, Juices and vegan/raw food snacks will be available to purchase at the event, this is a day of cleansing and renewal so we ask that you eat only live, raw foods for the day.

3:00 Grounding your Dreams for 2015 with Amelía Aeon Karris & Music by Nasambu

4:30 Closing Prayers, sharing and music with the entire community.

5:00 – 5:30 Practitioners Showcase & Healthy Marketplace will be open for one hour. This is time to network, mingle and connect with the other participants.

If you have questions, feel free to send them in, we are happy to add them to our FAQ.


“Amelía has a gift for creating a space where all can connect with their inner source and be in resonance with the others.”